University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health, Dept. of Health Services Policy and Management

Medical Vocabulary Test

Roger L. Amidon, Distinguished Emeritus Professor
Samuel L. Baker, Associate Professor

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A stone in the kidney

A substance counteracting (acts against) the effects of a fever


Blueness of the skin

Condition caused by excessive secretion of the thyroid glands

Condition of hardening of glandular tissue

Dilation of the bronchi

Examination of the inside of the bronchi

Fast heart beat

Gallbladder disease

Inflammation of an ovary

Labor and childbirth

Of, or pertaining to, the duodenum and liver

Of, or pertaining to, the inside of the head

Pain in the back

Painful breast

Paralysis of the ciliary body

Rapid breathing

Record of electrical activity of brain

Resembling a clot

Slow heart rate

Spasm of artery

Suturing (repair) of the hernia

Temporary cessation of menstruation

Tumor of the liver
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