University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health, Dept. of Health Services Policy and Management Courses and Curricula Dec. 9, 2003

HSPM J716 Class Demonstrations

  1. In a linear model, the effect of a change in the independent variable is the same at all levels of the independent variable.

  2. The true line and a regression line.

  3. Least squares regression illustrated.

  4. Bias concept illustrated

  5. Efficiency comparison between connect-the-end-points and least squares regression.

  6. Students' eyeball lines and least squares lines compared

  7. Normal distribution of the error illustrated, using discreet values of X..

  8. Normal distribution of the error illustrated, using continuous values of X.

  9. Scatter of points from log(Y)=log(A)+b log(X)+normal error

  10. Queue simulation

  11. Queue simulation for live demonstration
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